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New Floridian’s Perspective of Palm Beach County


Every few years, my wife and I save up for a big adventure. We both have a passion for travel and have since we were kids. My wife saved up for three years after college and solo backpacked through Europe for several months. My previous business necessitated my travel in Europe. Since our son was born, we have instilled in him the same love for people and the world that has grown within ourselves.  A few years ago, the travel bug turned into full blown wanderlust. We decided that after years of living in Texas, it was time to try somewhere different.

We sat down with pens in hands and wrote out lists of what was important to both of us. We compared notes when we were done. Our lists were eerily similar and simple. We wanted to be on the ocean and in the USA. We had to have good schools and our new home base had to have a year round warm climate for lots of water related fun. We ruled out Hawaii as too far from our extended families. California was too expensive. So we took a flight to Key West the next month and drove all the way up the coast to Jacksonville.

A fateful ride as a tourist with West Palm Beach’s Diva Duck Amphibious Tours turned into a conversation with the owner, who happened to be in the right frame of mind to sell to a crazy Texan. A month later, papers were signed and the family with a wanderlust found their forever home in Palm Beach County. We want to thank all of our new neighbors in PBC for making us feel so at home. We absolutely love it here and kick ourselves daily for not making this move years ago.

So, if you are ever looking for a fun water excursion, or just want advice on how to overstay your vacation in Florida, give us a call at Diva Duck Tours. One of our captains would be happy to show you around Palm Beach and I am always happy to dispense free advice on picking up and moving across country on a whim.


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