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Things to do with the Kids in Palm Beach County

Summer is upon us. Kids are back home until Mid-August. Here is a day trip planned out for you that will keep your little ones happy for at least one day. After letting the kids sleep to a reasonably late time, wake them up in time to catch the first sailing of the Diva Duck Amphibious Tour. Call Diva at 561-844-4188 to confirm tour times. The Diva has safely toured with a half million passengers in the same West Palm Beach location since 2002. Your kids will be mesmerized as the bus they have been touring on transitions into a boat and takes them on a tour in the calm and protected Intracoastal Waterway. Be on the lookout for dolphins and other sea creatures as you smoothly glide past mega yachts moored behind giant mansions of the rich and famous that live on Palm Beach Island. What better way to motivate your kids to try harder in school? Crack open the picnic basket while on the Diva and let the kids eat an early lunch. The Diva is picnic friendly and even sells cold water and chips for $1 if you forgot a few things in your basket.


After an early lunch onboard the Diva, it is time to cool the kids off with an ice cream and a bathroom they will never forget.


Sloan’s Ice Cream is a Palm Beach County favorite. While their ice cream is really good and the store reminds you of Willie Wonka, your kids will be talking about the bathroom when they leave. Sloan’s bathrooms won a nationwide contest for the best public bathrooms in America. The bathroom’s exterior wall is a mirror. When you look in from the outside, you can see right through the mirror into the bathroom. When you enter the bathroom and lock the door, the window turns into a mirror and the view of the interior of the bathroom vanishes. So before the kids cool off with an ice cream, make sure you tell them to wash their hands. Then the fun begins!


Now it is time to let the kids burn off the ice cream with some time on the ice. Palm Beach Ice Works provides a family friendly environment and an opportunity to let the kids exercise, have fun and stay cool all at the same time when Summer temps are high. The Ice Works is an indoor ice rink that in addition to training future Olympians has skating for the family during the day.


By now, your kids should be good and exhausted and you have one less day until school.





Contact Information for Businesses in the Article:


Diva Duck Amphibious Tours

Departs from The Palm Beach Outlet Mall at 1751 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd in West Palm Beach



Sloan’s Ice Cream

112 S Clematis Street in West Palm Beach



Palm Beach Ice Works

1590 N Florida Mango Rd in West Palm Beach


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