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Diva Duck to Deliver Santa to Palm Beach Outlets on November 22


Diva Duck Amphibious Tours, one of Palm Beach Outlets’ newest tenants, will be making a special delivery right around sunset on Friday November 22nd.  Santa is resting his reindeer so they will be ready for their Christmas Eve flight. So it appears that Diva Duck will have the honor of going to the North Pole to pick up Santa and bring him to Palm Beach Outlets where he will be spending the weeks before Christmas.

So, if your little ones would like to get a glimpse of Santa before Christmas, come on out on the 22nd and welcome Santa to Florida. I am sure they will enjoy seeing Santa ride in on his Amphibious sled. Join us for an evening of Pre-Christmas cheer. While your there, you can reserve your holiday ride onboard the Diva Duck. Call Paul for more details or reservations. Diva Duck’s number is 561-844-4188.

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