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Diva Duck Amphibious Tours and masks

Diva Duck Amphibious Tours has been operating for 20 years. In the last year, we have adjusted our operations for Covid and we are making another adjustment to fall in line with the removal of the mask mandates by both the State of Florida and Palm Beach County. The removal of these mandates allows each business to decide what is best for them and their patrons. Some indoor businesses are retaining their mask requirements. Most outdoor businesses seem to be no longer requiring masks.

Diva Duck is an open vehicle that is constantly moving with fresh air blowing in during our entire tour. Summer heat poses a real danger to some masked passengers. For now, we will still socially distance our seating. We will wear masks while loading/unloading but masks will be optional once underway.

If you have any questions, you can always call us at 561-844-4188.

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