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New Seating Policy for Diva Duck Begin July 5, 2021

For 20 years, Diva Duck had open seating on a first come first serve basis. It made for the occasional disagreements between our passengers when waiting in line to board. One interesting thing that happened when we reopened post-Covid was the elimination of open seating. Assigned seats made for a much simpler boarding process. So even though social distancing and masks are gone, we are sticking with the assigned seating. Diva Duck can now guarantee that your group will sit together.  Seats will be assigned by Diva Duck based on group size and available seating. If you are an even number group, you will be sitting only next to other members of your own group as our seats come in rows of 2. If you are in an odd number group (1,3,5,7 etc.), someone in your group may be sitting next to someone they don’t know if we are sold out. Keep in mind, we are an outdoor activity and always have fresh air flowing as we have no sides on the Duck. As we move around town at 20 mph, we have a very nice breeze blowing in. Masks are not required but feel free to wear one if you like. Please feel free to contact us by phone at 561-844-4188 if you have any questions.

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